MidEast Tacos is a fast casual culinary gem nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, where East meets West uniting the rich flavors of the Middle East with the beloved taco. “Home of the Original Falafel Tacos”, MidEast Tacos is founded by Armen Martirosyan (Mini Kabob) and Aram Kavoukjian.

What started as a popup at USC and later made waves at Smorgasburg, MidEast Tacos has a new home in the heart of Silver Lake. The fusion concept introduces steak and chicken kebab tacos and burritos alongside signature falafel tacos, merging traditional Armenian barbecue with Mexican flair through fresh tortillas and salsas. 

The Team

Founder/Chef | Armen Martirosyan & Katya Martirosyan 

Armen Martirosyan, a first-generation Armenian American with a lifelong passion for food, has been instrumental in the success and growth of Mini Kabob. Working alongside his parents in the kitchen, Armen’s dedication is palpable. His wife, Katya, left her professional career to join the culinary industry, and together, they’ve been expanding their restaurants. Katya plays a pivotal role in developing catering operations and marketing efforts, the husband and wife contributing significantly to the transformation of Mini Kabob into a thriving family venture.

Co-Founder | Aram Kavoukjian

Aram Kavoukjian, a first-generation Armenian American raised in Los Angeles, embraced both a passion for food and a strong entrepreneurial drive from a young age. His journey as a food enthusiast led him to stumble upon Mini Kabob near his family’s business, where he found himself entranced by the Martirosyan family’s delightful food, inviting hospitality, and cozy atmosphere. This encounter fostered a close friendship with Armen, culminating in their collaboration on MidEast Tacos. Now, Aram and Armen are excited to call Silver Lake home to MidEast Tacos.

Co-Owner/Operation Partners | Tina Yeretsian & Vahe Mikhail

Tina Yeretsian and Vahe Mikhail, a dynamic duo, managed food trucks and contracts with industry leaders. Tina’s culinary journey started at Sasoun Bakery, evolving from a small shop to five thriving Southern California locations. Raised in a family valuing shared meals, Tina enjoys uniting people through food, drawing insights from collaborating with her skilled baker father. Tina and Vahe are excited to work alongside a passionate team in the city and are looking forward to bringing the authentic taste of Middle Eastern food fused with LA’s favorites we know and love.

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